Friday Afternoon at Yoyogi Park


Had one of my more tilting days ever, the apartment I was going to book in Hong Kong sold out the night before (they told me there were several available), other places in HK were also sold out, and then poker shat on me really really hard.

Mrw, my roommate, suggested that I go take a walk to cool down.  Needless to say, I’m glad I did.  Took the camera out and strolled around Yoyogi Park. DSC02928 DSC02933 DSC02953

DSC02925DSC02959 DSC02961


The two girls singing in the park was icing on the cake. You know they’re doing something right when people are strolling by, minding their own business, and suddenly stop to listen for a few minutes.

Going to miss Japan, just a week or two left!



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