World Series of Poker Day 1

Wed, July 10, 2013

The WSOP Main Event is the event I plan on playing pretty much every year for the rest of my life.  Back in my busto days, I used to watch the WSOP a lot, wishing I could compete like everyone else on tv.  Fast forward 10 years later and I’m doing it and doing it well.  It’s one of many dreams that came true.  For me it feels like a gladiator entering the colosseum, competing in front of the crowd for blood (bluffs) and glory (money!).

And when I do say blood(bluffs) I mean it!  I love the structure of the Main.  It gives you a lot of room to actually play some poker, meaning pre-flop, flop, turn, and river.  There’s an art to playing all the streets and playing them well.  Manipulating your image,  your villains’ thought processes, and maneuvering the streets with value and bluffs, it’s just so much fun.  Sitting for 13 hours a day can be cruel punishment but that’s why I only fly in to play just one event, the one that means the most to me.  Because it’s such a different game for me to play, I think that’s what keeps me interested.  There’s a lot of variables in 9 handed play that will not and cannot exist in heads up.  I have a hand for you that exemplifies what I mean.

Day 1 was a pretty easy day for me.  Unlike last year, I actually had a couple fish at my table!  There was a Brazilian guy to my left who would just instant pot bet as soon as he was strong and was pretty stationy.  Another old man fish 3 spots to my right, his hands would start shaking if he hit the flop hard lol.  The regs overall were pretty weak tight.  No one was really 3barreling or playing too aggressive, meaning I get to play my game the way I want to most of the time.

Last year I was five hours later to the Main.  My friend Rosa flew in to visit me for a day so we dined and drank pretty hard.  I ended up vomiting that night like a cocker spaniel, sigh, that is not how you set an example for your younger friends.  That was a lot of fun though, we smashed some korean food at 8am and then I slept til 5pm, oops.  I did make it to day 4 and cashed that year 🙂

This year my mom visited me and I showed her around Vegas the day before, did a cirque du soleil show and a really nice french dinner (Guy Savoy) which I definitely recommend if you’re looking to splurge.  It’s a really nice French dining experience.

So for Monday, Day 1, I got some Korean food with my mom before the event started.  Ended up being 15 minutes late but I think my mom was pretty happy with her trip.  Haha I couldn’t actually focus on the game until she left the room.  Guess we found a weakness of mine.

A little too excited, I started splashing around pots immediately.  I think in the 3rd hand of my sitting down this is what happened:


Oops. As if that wasn’t enough, a couple hands later:image

There were a couple other hands and somehow within the first hour or so I’m down to 23,000 chips.  I’m not panicking but I’m a bit worried about losing that many chips so fast.  Tell myself to calm down, adjust to the table dynamics, and go from there.

Which ended up working!  I just played solid poker from there and chipped up.  Lol my definition of solid is basically doing the antithesis of those hands and playing good poker…which I don’t really want to define right now.

I can’t remember the whole day as it was 13 hours but I do have some notable hands to share, though I can’t give you my hole cards.

By the way, Hero = Me, Villain = the other guys in the hand.  That’s how we’ve always posted and discussed hands in online poker.  I’m not actually calling myself a super hero.




And one of the last hands of the day:


Pretty funny, in the last hour of the day, two guys at my table get drinks and suddenly 80% of the table is drinking. They look at me and ask why I’m not drinking, I tell them I’m waiting to go to the strip club.  See, I like to motivate myself to do very well and I’m thinking about starting a tradition where if you make it past day 1, you celebrate at the strip club to motivate yourself to play really well for the rest of the week.

Well, as my friend says, “If you say the word rhino in a las vegas poker room, things happen” and things started to happen.  One guy from NYC perks up and starts getting excited, says he knows the DJ atSapphire and will call for a limo if we all want to go.  Guy on my right says he’ll buy a bottle if we can convince the brazilian fish to come with us (he’s wearing a tight nit sweater over his shoulders, he doesn’t look degen.)

I failed to convince him but we did end up going to the Rhino and that celebration lasted for 5 hours…I need to go eat breakfast and get ready for day 2 today but that was some of the most fun I’ve ever had at the strip club.  She told me to take her number as well, we’ll see if anything ever happens 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Cool side note: At the Rhino, one of the guys from my table, the NYC guy, gave me a nice compliment and told me and the strippers that I play very very well and am really good.  Though he isn’t a pro, it’s still nice to get a compliment like that.  It’s really nice to know that my game can speak for itself, even amongst the amateurs.  Makes me pretty happy 🙂

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