Eastern Euro Trip Day 3

Tue, May 14,  2013

Our plan for today:

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The night before I had suggested we get up really early to see the sunrise at Lake Bled, a destination we picked solely because Shawn saw a picture of it posted on Reddit.  It’s a sign, he said.

Then he randomly wakes up at 5am and asks me if I want to go see the sunrise : /  It takes me awhile to get out of bed and we speed over to our destination, which should take about forty five minutes, but the sun is already rising and we’re only halfway there.

It’s 5:45am and we’re only halfway there. Hitting the gas pedal won’t get me there in time, but I can at least scare the shit out of Shawn.

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We missed the sunrise but it’s a nice view regardless. The town is pretty empty.  It’s a nice area, clearly a summer vacation spot.  We see a castle up top (where are the ones with the moats?) and head over.

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Damn, it’s 7am and they open at 8am.

photos 054

I hop up on the wall to snap a couple photos and I notice Shawn getting visibly tense.  If only fake falling off was a specialty of mine…

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There’s nothing else to do and no IHOP in sight so we head back to Ljubljana for a breakfast stop before hitting our next destination, the Postojna Caves.

We get there at 12, time for the tour which runs every hour on the hour during summer.

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It starts off with a cool little train ride that goes on for about 2km.  It reminds me a little of Disneyland.  It’s got a cool creepy cave theme going and there’s no loop to go through.

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Any columns you see are the combination of spikes forming from the roof and pillars rising from the ground.  This process takes thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years.  The water that drips down is filled with minerals, thus adding to the rooftop as well as the floor.  Touching these pillars ruins the formation process.  The oil from our skin causes water to slip off the top, preventing it from depositing the minerals it carries.

photos 058

After the train pulls to a stop, we go to our designated English tour guide who takes us on a walking tour through a part of the caves.

photos 059

It’s a constant 10 degrees celsius in this cave all year long.  It’s a little chilly, oh and water is constantly dripping on our heads.

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The caves were pretty cool to see.  There’s two rivers running through it, the bottom-most being half a mile wide apparently.

There’s an exhibition next to the caves that has organisms found from the cave.  They’re super tiny and boring, zzz.  Fortunately for us, there happens to be a castle just 9km away from the caves.

photos 061

Yes, that’s a castle coming out of the cave and it’s real, Predjama Castle.  Looks like something you’d see in a video game.  I think the castle was built by a knight Erazem who locked himself up here after getting busted for tax evasion or some bizarre story like that.  Apparently this thing deals with catapults pretty well.

photos 062

It’s pretty homely inside.  There are rooms with wooden floors but nothing too interesting…just a sweet view of the valley.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to stay and read about the castle’s history.  I randomly read somewhere that Celje, an old town, would be worth visiting, and they have a castle so why not?

photos 063

I don’t know what I should have expected when I got here but a bunch of Amish people pushing carts and milking donkeys should not have been on that list.

photos 064

The town looked like any other Eastern European town, wikitravel fail 🙁

photos 065

The castle, however, provides an excellent view.

photos 066

and the perfect place to leave any unwanted friends.

Sundown, time to return to Ljubljana.  We tried some restaurant in the city suburbs where we watched an international version of American Idol .

food 021

My throat’s still killing me so I got an eggs and asparagus dish.  We had to try some Slovenian salami which came out with some horseradish type stuff.

food 022

Shawn got a pretty mediocre beef steak with truffle sauce.

food 023

Hey, what veggie do Slovenians like?

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.  I’ve been calling it gluttony day as we’ve got two major food stops for the first day of our Croatia trip.



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