Day 8: What’s up Sarajevo!

Sun, May 19, 2013

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We got up early today and went on foot to explore the old part of the city, which has this charming little vibe to it I can’t quite describe.  It kind of feels like a bit of time travel, walking along these small roads with a style of architecture you’ve never seen before.

photos 015There’s a bunch of these little roads with cool antique/accessory shops everywhere.  Walking along, this area caught my eye:

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I learned in Tunisia it’s never too early to start the day with a coffee and a shisha.

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He just looked very determined to catch a bird.

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There are two castles that overlook sarajevo, a yellow and a white fortress I believe.  God the taxi driver did not understand us at all but since you can see the thing from almost anywhere, we just pointed in the direction we knew it was in and told him to go.  The first one we saw looked like it was collapsing which is always cool but didn’t have a good enough view so we went over to the other one which barely even exists.  The taxi driver snorted in contempt when he realized where we wanted to go complaining that it’s not a yellow fortress, I guess it means something else in their language but what the hell, I was going by the name their tourist company called it.

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But it’s got some great views.

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Dinner tonight was at this cool place that has been around since the very early 1900s I believe.  It was huge and unfortunately on a Sunday night it was empty.  Also, instead of playing some vintage folk music, they were blasting Rihanna and other top 50s pop songs, which took a little away from the charm : /

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Simple but…TASTY.  Juicy fried chicken wings, crispy sausage, and decent fries, it was a pretty good meal as well as end to the night.

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