Day 7: Bus Trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegonia

Sat, May 18, 2013

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There’s a bus leaving at 3pm to Sarajevo.  There used to be a train system but I guess there wasn’t enough demand so you pretty much need to hop on a bus or take a train to Zagreb or Rovinj I think to be able to get to other countries.

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And because we have time to kill, that means one more visit to Old City.

We actually went up the hill to get a overview of the city but none of my photos came out that great so I won’t be posting them.

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All my pics in this post will be from my iPhone 5.  I had to get one more seafood platter before leaving this gorgeous country @ Old City.  It was pretty good, basic but when you have good product, you don’t need super fancy cooking techniques.  I ate the shrimp heads, Shawn didn’t, go me.

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The bus was an hour late and it took like 6 to get there.  God I wish I didn’t drink so much during lunch.  We went back to the bar spot w/the gorgeous view and had a couple of beers.  The bus ride to Sarajevo goes along this beautiful coastal road that happens to be very windy as it goes uphill through the mountains.  Ugh I was getting sick and forced myself to sleep through most of it.

Shawn told me I missed out.  Pretty sure he’s right : /

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We got to the Sarajevo Bus station which had most of its lights off, creepy.  Got a cab to our hotel, they suggested this restaurant at the top of the hill that overlooks the city.  Since it was already late I went in basketball shorts and a hoodie…I was severely underdressed.

The fried donut was good, but so is deep fried anything.

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I think this picture does a good job of representing what eastern european food is like.  Remember what I wrote back in my day 1 post? It’s pretty much protein + a couple veggie sides, nothing fancy, just basic stuff.

It was overcooked 🙁  Veggies as well, bland poorly cooked dish.

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