Day 6: Old City, Dubrovnik

Fri, May 17, 2013

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Today Shawn and I will be exploring the Old City, which is basically a functioning town inside a castle with restaurants, markets, sights, and even homes.

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Before going in, I had to grab a gelato 😀  Omg it was some super tasty cookie stuff.

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The main street inside

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There was a pirate guy setting up his birds and other stuff for display. There’s really no reason for this picture except that I like colors and my camera.

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We had some time to kill before going on a walking tour, something I highly recommend doing in foreign countries.  I find they’re a great use of time to see and learn about the city and people.

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We saw a restaurant serving a bunch of people outside…I saw a couple of seafood dishes being served and had to grab a bite.  Given that we’re on the coast now, gotta take every opportunity to enjoy some fresh seafood.

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And it was damn good.

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We still had some time to kill so we did some exploring of the premises…

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which paid off big time.  It was a pretty hot day and low and behold we saw a sign that said “COLD DRINKS. GREAT VIEW.”  Glad to say it did not disappoint….

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The water in this place is just unreal.  This gorgeous bluish green that lights up the ocean.

At the bar we met two women from California on vacation, small world.  We had a lot of fun shooting the shit and laughing about how square some people can be.  They were kind of enough to buy us a round of drinks before we left for our walking tour, which by the way is a terrible idea to do drunk under the hot sun.

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The first walk we did was on the castle wall.

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Shawn on the other hand was having fun and found the whole thing really interesting.  Our tour guide had grown up in the area and had been there when the war was going on just some 10-20 years ago.

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People actually still live inside the castle, which looks pretty awesome but unfortunately for the kids growing up there, they consider it to be the slums since it’s the old city.  Only real problem I noticed was that some of the doors and steps were so windy, it looked like it’d be impossible to fit a new fridge or couch inside.

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I forgot to mention that Game of Thrones is shot at this location.  Dubrovnik is used for King’s Landing.  Apparently when they are shooting there, a drunk Peter Dinklage can sometimes be spotted wandering the castle at night.

So the first walking tour was on the castle walls about the history of the place.  The second walking tour we did was inside with a more specific look at different areas of the castle.  Pretty interesting stuff but since it was overcast, I didn’t take any photos during the second tour 😛

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We did, however, had to go back to the bar for one more drink.




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