Day 5: The Drive to Dubrovnik

Thu, May 16, 2013

I’m dating these because I’d later like to know when I did what.

Long drive ahead today.  From Rovinj to Dubrovnik by car is about 8 hours.  I was really looking forward to it too.  The drive along the coast is supposed to be gorgeous but today is cloudy and rainy.

photos 045

There’s a bunch of traffic for the first half of the trip along the coast.  I somehow didn’t take pictures of some of the crazy high freeways a bit south of Rovinj.  They were just very tall and swirly with either big hills or ocean around them but we did see this random plane sitting in the middle of nowhere.

The Plitvicki Falls is supposed to be an amazing site…we tried to make a break for it when the sun came out but the clouds came back and botched that plan.

photos 046

We did have a nice two hour period of sun and were able to make it to one of these small towns on the coast.

photos 047

As you can imagine the town is on a big hill, there were quite a few houses that were either rubble or partly composed like this one.

photos 048

There’s a church on top of the hill with a grave as well.  The front entrance 🙂

photos 049

It’s got a great view of the ocean.

photos 050

I never found the art shop.

photos 051

The town was charming, it’s a bit sleepy and we still have 3-4 more hours to get to Dubrovnik.  We had to cross through Bosnia and Herzegovina since the tip of that country dips into Croatia a little bit.  Weird huh?

We had to cross through at night through some swervy mountains.  We never got lost 🙂  GPS is the nuts.

Did you know GPS doesn’t use data on your phone?  So if you don’t have a data plan, you can google map something from home and then still use your maps app while you’re out traveling.

Entered Dubrovnik at like midnight.  Everything’s closed, hungry and tired, no McDonalds in existence or any other restaurant that’s open, nothing else to do but force some sleep.




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