Day 2: To Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Mon, May 13, 2013

We both somehow get up at 6:30am and begin to plan our trip over breakfast. Starting today we are planning on doing two days in Slovenia, two or three days in Croatia, a couple days in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then Budapest.

slovenia 001

Eager to start, the trip is just 1.5 hours but we’re going to take our time and shoot photos at any scenic views we find.

slovenia 002


but we had to get pizza in our first Slovenian town!

Not even an hour goes by on our trip and we’re already amazed by how gorgeous the countryside is.  We’re passing by farms and lots of green landscape.  There is a rural road to Ljubljana that takes 3 hours instead of 1.5 hours.  After seeing some of this stuff, we both agree to take the scenic route.

slovenia 003

Shortly after we see a piece of wall on the side of the road!  That collection of mailbox-looking-things is actually a beehive farm.

So far every road trip I’ve taken in a foreign country has been incredible.  I was never a fan of long trips by car but driving yourself around a new country is a completely different experience.  With good music and GPS, there’s very little to worry about.

slovenia 004

At this point we’re driving through a foresty region with lots of flower fields and small farms.  What is it with people and their irresistible urge to stop and moo at cows?

We get into Ljubljana at night and head over to the castle which overlooks the entire city.

slovenia 005

There’s a fine dining restaurant in the castle that’s supposed to be the best in the city but they are fully booked so we head to the restaurant at the bottom of the hill on the corner.

I’m noticing a trend with Eastern European food.  They tend to be somewhat similar – soups like Gulash or a consomme with noodles, mains that are meat heavy with plain steamed veggies and maybe a sauce on top as well as a dish that uses sour or red cabbage served with a meat or in a soup.

Also, each country tends to swear their version of dried salami is the best in the world.

I get a beef consomme and fried sausage with sour cabbage.  Shawn gets a stewed veal, his is much better, served on top of some brioche/bread with red sauce.

Going to bed early, we’re hitting 3 spots in Slovenia tomorrow, all different directions.

slovenia 006






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