Day 4 of the EPT Main – Bust

Fri, Apr 26, 2013

Busted 86th for 10,000 Euro.  99 all in vs. AT, Ace on the flop 🙁  Entry was 5000.  So I did alright.  Not really worth the money for 4 days of work but it was a really fun event and I’m glad I played it.

I’m a heads up cash game player so for me, the shorter the blinds get, the lower my edge gets.  The structure was really nice and allowed for relatively deepstack play (50-100bbs+) at pretty much all times, which is just sweet.  That’s where you can play some poker.  This 20bb shortstack stuff is so dumb, it’s just all in or nothing.

The only thing I wish I could have done differently today was fire a bluff haha.  If I had done that, I’m pretty sure A) I would have taken the pot down B) had more chips to avoid the 99 vs AT flip.

Getting it in as a slight favorite is alright but if we had more chips, I would have flatted and that could have led to a much different outcome.  My big advantage in this thing is I don’t have to flip it in preflop.  I’m really good at hand reading and my reads this tournament were at like 90% accuracy.  I’m looking forward to playing more events and expect to win one of these tournaments in the near future.

Today I will be playing the 2K Euro PLO heads up tournament.  I expect my edge to be biggest here because almost no one is good at heads up plo online, and I don’t know of any plo hu specialists here…*licking my lips* This’ll be fun.



Apr 26 2013 mikeysong Category: Miscellaneous

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