Punta Del Este Pre-Post

Thu, Feb 9, 2012

Since all my friends here are going on a trip to Punta del este, I’ve decided I’ll join them instead of staying home and grinding poker. When I took a month off away from the game, dejected and clinically depressed, I recovered quickly and found myself happy and motivated again to work hard. I don’t really need the reboost now however I do miss having an adventure and that is exactly what this trip is going to be.

I’m taking my iPad and leaving behind my laptop. There will be no poker playing this trip and I will ban myself from twoplustwo.com. It’s really important to maintain a hunger to win, to keep pushing myself to reach the top, without it, I only regress. I think this is true for anyone who has a skill. It’ll be interesting to only use here iPad this trip. I love my laptop! And this fucking thing is already annoying me with the constant typos. I do hope I blog almost every day. I regret not having written down how I felt and what I did during my Asia trip with Brandon.

Also going to Punta del diablo after just two days, it’s a more remote village and hopefully I come out the wiser for doing it.

*edit* fucking thing, I wrote on the wrong tumblr account.  Had to hop on the laptop to copy paste this haha.  Not a great start, hope I don’t regret taking the ipad but this is what Steve Jobs intended it for right? Does 80% of what a laptop does and helps me reduce what I bring significantly.  Just going with a small bag and a camera!



Feb 9 2013 mikeysong Category: Poker

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