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On the last 2 days of my trip in NYC, I did a lot of cooking with my friends, it was a really great time!  Btw, I’m never making this long of a tumblr post EVER AGAIN. This took over an hour to do! that’s a problem!

Basic Tomato Sauce

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Slice up some red onions, don’t have to be too tiny, 4 cloves of garlic thinly sliced – According to Mario Batali, they’re thinly sliced because the northerners are not big garlic advocates and you do it as a courtesy for other people who may not be such garlic fans, makes it easier to pick out vs. mincing.

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Grate the carrots to add some texture and sweetness to the sauce…It’s interesting, I really don’t like carrots, but after chewing on it and paying attention to it, it really does have a sweet taste to it.  Instantly elevates it from shitty vegetable to oh so interesting.  Food is awesome <3

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San Marzano tomatoes! Can’t get these in Buenos Aires.  I’ve been using DeCecco tomato sauce while I”ve been down here and let me just say, this makes a HUGE difference.  I mean, it’s already pretty awesome w/DeCecco but this STILL WAS A BIG DIFFERENCE.  San Marzano Pomodoro tomatoes are from that specific region, you have to look for the D.O.P. stamp to make sure they’re authentic.  At Eataly (omg what an amazing market), they actually had only 1 brand of San Marzano and had other cans of tomato sauce, an employee said the other cans are just as good if not better, and Heston Blumenthal also stated that San Marzano are not the best tomatoes for a sauce.

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Lisa, Yuan’s roommmate, was a great sport and volunteered to hand-squeeze the tomatoes.

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Random: They had fresh black truffle! I had to buy it @ $3.75/g.  This bit cost me $30! I did not use this in the sauce

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Mmm thyme

food 049

So what you do is, olive oil, garlic, red onions, brown the garlic, then add the carrots+thyme, once the carrots start sweating…

food 050

you add in the tomato sauce, bring it a boil, then simmer it for 30 mins and create this beautiful beautiful baby.  This is going to be your BASIC sauce for all other tomato-based sauces.  Let me just say this is already incredibly delicious, everyone was pretty surprised by how awesome this sauce tastes by itself.


food 051

I bought 3 different kinds of tomatoes, the green one sucked.  What’s really awesome about Eataly is the amount of produce, and really just variety of products he has.  It’s a pretty cool educational experience if you want to get to know whatever the hell it is you’re eating.

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Pretty simple dish, I bought some really fresh mozzarella that was being made @ the market.  Slice of tomato, sea salt, slice of mozz, basil, repeat!

food 053

Om nom nom nom

food 054


food 055

Red-wine Vinegar+olive oil, drizzle on top, grind some pepper, and create the most delicious caprese you will ever eaten provided the ingredients are awesome.  Really, this was the best caprese I’ve ever had and I made it! (kind of)

food 056

Mmmmm, I love how the tomato is even dripping with deliciousness

Grilled Cheese

This dish is pretty decadent.

food 057

Mince up some thyme

food 058

Crack 4 eggs, skim milk, thyme, mix it up!

food 059

Cut some loaves of bread

food 060

Heat up a pan with olive oil, some butter, and fry away! The key is to get the pan hot enough so it actually toasts the bread, you don’t want soggy bread, that just sucks and takes away from the whole experience.

Bucatini All’Amatraciana

food 061

Guanciale – pretty fatty, this is what the pasta is all about.  This is the big player of the dish.  Olive oil, fry this shit til most of the fat is gone

food 062

Slice up 1 red onion half moon style, you basically want long strips of it so it adds to the texture of the pasta.  Yuan, who doesn’t like red onions, loved it in this dish!  So you add 3-4 cloves of garlic, sliced ofc, red onions, brown that, tomato sauce, chile flakes for some subtle heat, simmer it, add pasta noodles into it + starch water – The Pasta Water is a big key of making great pasta.  You want to save some of that water to add to your pasta sauce.  Add some Pecorino cheese to it, toss, plate

food 063

and add some more!

food 064

Random picture of a peeled orange, I thought I’d help out whoever’s artistic vision it is and add some post processing to it, nice job!

Vodka Rigatoni Pasta

My fav. pasta by far.  Slice up 4 cloves of garlic, olive oil in the pan, prosciutto di parma – Batali says people insist that the quality you use doesn’t matter but in his words “when the petal hits the metal, the good stuff matters” so I got 18month aged di parma.

Add 1/2 cup of vodka, light that fucker on fire and…

food 065

food 066

Vodka gets reduced, add some heavy cream to it

food 067

Couple spoonfuls of basic tomato sauce, some chile flakes for some heat

food 068

Toss in the pasta + pasta water, grate some Parmagianno Reggiano, plate, and grate again, serve, and ENJOY!






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